Taft McKinstry Comments On The Legal Outlook Featured In The Lane Report 2017

Lane Report

Legal Outlook: 2017 Is a Year of Dramatic Opportunity

"Over the past several years, the Bluegrass region has seen an entrepreneurial explosion. New businesses are opening their doors throughout Lexington and surrounding counties, providing a wealth of new products and services. This growth has another, less obvious benefit: It challenges existing companies to take a fresh look at their business models and to provide their clients with innovative solutions and unparalleled value. Today's legal consumer expects high-quality work and rapid response for a realistic cost. In response, Fowler Bell PLLC is tapping both electronic and digital media to better serve, and better reach, our clients. The result is a more streamlined, receptive model that is poised to provide strong legal support to new and established businesses." - Taft A. McKinstry, Managing Member