2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: Creditors’ Rights Law Firm Of The Year In Kentucky

Fowler Bell PLLC has been chosen as the winner of the 2014 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: Creditors' Rights Law Firm of the Year in Kentucky.

The Corporate International Magazine Global awards recognize those firms that have been successful for the past 12 months and who have shown excellence in expertise and service. A detailed research and independent editorial team creates a short list of the top five potential winners in each category. Then the top five list is carefully scrutinized, focusing on the service type, service range, business type, geographical location, how the business operates and the expertise each team can offer to companies that either trade or may want to trade in the chosen jurisdiction. Each short list is also reviewed by an independent awards panel in each country with the eventual winners chosen by that independent panel.

taft mckinstryIt is such an honor to receive international recognition for the Fowler Bell PLLC Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights practice areas, which help clients in and out of bankruptcy court find creative, practical ways to relieve debt — no matter how complex the case. If you are interested in knowing more about our Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights law practice please click here.

The Fowler Bell PLLC Bankruptcy and Creditor's Rights groups are led by managing member Taft A. McKinstry.