Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Scott Brown And Johanna Ellison Presented On Legal Ethics

Scott Brown and Johanna Ellison Presented on Legal Ethics

Workers' compensation attorneys Scott Brown and Johanna Ellison presented on December 9th during the Kentucky Workers' Compensation Education Association (KWCEA) continuing legal education program. Both attorney presentations focused on legal ethics.

Scott BrownDefense attorney Scott Brown presented during the ETHICS: Unearthing the Truth – SIU and Workers' Compensation Claims Management session. Getting to the truth is a critical element of claims and underwriting managements. Evidence obtained via Special Investigations Unit (SIU) investigations may indicate fraud, abuse of the systems or a truthful claimant or policyholder. Paul Dillion and Scott Brown presented scenarios where SIU investigations can shed light on the truth as it relates to claimants and employers. Paul Dillon is the KEMI Director of Special Investigations.

Workers' compensation attorney Johanna Ellison presented on a panel during the ETHICS: Don't Get Dirty – Clean Handling of Surveillance in Workers' Compensation Claims. The panel also included Administrative Law Judge Jane Rice Williams, Plaintiff Attorney John Anderson, Thomas Kelley Claims Manager, Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Management, and Paul Dillon. There is a fine line between what is authentic and what is admissible. The panelists brought their collective experience together to highlight the ethical use of surveillance as an investigative tool.

The conference was well attended by attorneys, judges, employees of the Department of Workers' Claims, insurance adjusters and others who work regularly with the Kentucky workers' comp system.

Fowler Bell PLLC sponsored the WiFi for the event and donated a UK-themed basket for a silent auction that took place during the event. The entire net proceeds from KWCEA (all monies left over after expenses) go to Kids' Chance, an organization that raises money for scholarships to benefit the children of workers who have been killed or catastrophically injured on the job. Johanna also serves on the KWCEA Conference Planning Committee.