White Paper Published: Fowler Bell PLLC’s Journey To The Cloud

White Paper Fowler Law Lexington KY Cloud

A new white paper was published by ILTA, the International Legal Technology Association, titled "Our Firm's Journey to the Cloud" by Steve White, head of IT at Fowler Bell PLLC in Lexington, Kentucky. There are many discussions and advocates of using cloud-based services, but law firms are not eager to make the jump with security issues and technical server issues and the like. It is a lot to think about and dive into, but Steve highlights the Fowler Bell PLLC journey to the cloud, highlights the pros and cons and gives practical and helpful tips for other attorneys or law firms making their own journey.

Fowler Bell PLLC uses cutting-edge practices when possible to better serve their clients and run efficiently. You can read the full white paper on the ILTA website.

Image Credit: [ILTA]