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What are some common issues insurance companies face?

The insurance field is very unpredictable. That is the nature of the game. However, insurance companies in Kentucky have to prepare for anything. This includes issues with customers and with the industry in general. Here is a look at some insurance issues companies may face in the near future, according to Property Casualty 360.

Lessening the likelihood of restaurant slip-and-fall accidents

As a Kentucky restaurant owner, you know you have many responsibilities. You need to make sure you stay in the black when it comes to your business finances, and you need to make sure that you provide a quality dining experience for your patrons. You also have numerous other tasks to attend to, including keeping your employees safe on the job.

Communication during bankruptcy and divorce

If you and your spouse in Georgia find yourselves facing not only extreme financial problems but also the potential end of your marriage, you are not alone. Money is known to be a contributor to marital strife for many couples and even to be a factor in many divorces. When you are in this situation, you will need to carefully assess your decisions about not just how to break up your assets but also your debts during your divorce. When serious debt is in play, your ability to communicate with your spouse may help direct some of your options.

How will divorce affect my taxes?

Divorce takes its toll on anyone, but one way you may not consider how divorce will affect you is during tax time. This life event can have major tax implications, depending on what your marriage was like or your divorce agreement included.

Creating a welcoming space for your child in your new home

As your divorce proceeds in Kentucky, you have decided that it is best that you relocate your home. This decision will enable you to move on and continue to positively and effectively reestablish your life as an independent person. At Fowler Bell, we have helped many people who are coping with the challenges of getting a divorce. 

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