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Working your way through asset division

If you and your spouse have no children or concur about any custody and visitation arrangements, the next big item on your divorce checklist is property division. The goal of Kentucky family court is to ensure both you and your spouse leave the marriage with an equitable portion of the assets you accumulated during your marriage.

A different kind of custody arrangement

One of the trickiest parts of a divorce for parents is finding a fair way to share custody of the children. Traditionally, one parent remains in the family home with the children, and the other parent finds a separate home that the children visit throughout the week. Parents schedule holidays, vacations and weekends, and kids often end up with two sets of everything.

When is litigation a better choice than mediation?

If your marriage was contentious, there is no reason to believe that your divorce will be anything different. Nevertheless, you may have heard good things about the process of mediation, and you may wonder if it is something that would work for you and your spouse. After all, it would be nice to arrive at an arrangement that is pleasant and agreeable rather than battling over every issue.

How can I tell if a worker fakes an injury?

When one of your employees gets hurt, your first thought is likely for the well-being of the worker. You want to ensure he or she receives immediate medical attention and that the employee completes the proper forms so he or she can obtain whatever treatment the injury requires. Because you are a compassionate person, you may act on your first thought.

Your divorce doesn't have to derail your retirement plans

Kentucky readers know that the end of their marriages will bring many significant changes to their lives. Naturally, you may have concerns about how your divorce will impact your financial future. Throughout your adult life, you have saved and prepared for your retirement one day, and it is possible that your divorce may affect your long-term savings. However, it does not have to derail your plans for your golden years.

Will I have to pay alimony?

Ending a marriage can cause financial difficulties for both parties. One big question for the spouse that has been the primary means of support is: Will I have to pay alimony? It is certainly a valid question for any person in Kentucky who is thinking about divorce.

When college study help lands you in jail

Have you ever stayed up all night to cram for a test in college? If you're a current Kentucky student, you may even have laughed at that statement asking, "Haven't all college students done this?" You probably have your favorite study enhancements that help you stay awake. If you're one of many students who have fallen under temptation to try Adderall or other stimulants, you may be at significant risk for serious problems.

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