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Tammy Smith Elected ABA Approval Commission Representative

Tammy L Smith ABA NFPA

Tammy L. Smith was elected by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (“NFPA”) delegates at the 2016 Annual Convention in Burlington, Vermont. She will be representing NFPA in the position of American Bar Association (“ABA”) Approval Commission Representative.

The Approval Commission Representative is accountable to the NFPA and Education Coordinators and will attend and participate in all meetings and other Commission activities such as on-site visitations of paralegal education programs. She will also actively review ABA guidelines in light of NFPA, COPA and U.S. Department of Education policies on accreditation for paralegals. She will also monitor the effectiveness of the Guidelines and suggest improvements that would make the Guidelines more responsive to the education needs of paralegals. Tammy will take an active role in encouraging the Commission to move toward a more broadly based autonomous structure; increase more paralegal participation in Commission activities and serve on the Student Association Membership Committee.

Tammy will serve a three-year term and will be officially appointed by the ABA in August 2017.